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Excellence in dentistry doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of extensive training, years of experience and a staff committed to bringing you the latest, most effective dental care.

We care about your smile today and how it will look 10 years, 20 years and even 40 years down the road. That’s why with every passing year, we stay up-to-date on the latest in dentistry.


New Things in Dentistry that we are now using.

1. Isolite-an isolation system that helps patients open, keeps the tongue out of the way and has suction and a light. It also has a built in bite block, for the patient to rest their teeth on. It helps complete procedures, such as fillings, sealants and crown preparations in a shorter amount of time. This has taken the place of the rubber dams, and patients are finding it much more comfortable.

2. Implants –Although not new, it’s more and more mainstream. It provides some great alternatives to previous treatment.

3. Zira Crowns – The zirconium crowns are much stronger than the all porcelain crowns. They also appear to have a more natural appearance to them . We love working with them and are very excited in providing them for our patients.

4. In keeping up with Federal Healthcare Communications, our office is now chartless.

Periodontal News

How is periodontal disease linked to other health issues?

Periodontal disease has been directly linked to a number of other health problems. Among these is smoking, diabetes, pregnancy problems and heart disease. Click Here to Read More...


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